O U R   S E R V I C E S
Claremore.net provides custom designed, professional web sites. Our years of experience in Internet, Information Systems and electronic media gives us the edge that is so important when developing a professional Internet presence.

Over the years, we have helped many companies take advantage of the Internet and web-based advertising. Our services range from simple web page layouts to complex database-driven business solutions. Our expertise in the fields of computing technology and Internet media provides an efficient array of valuable resources.
When creating a productive web presence, it is important for the customer to know what options are available. An electronic-brochure style web site may be all that you need to market and sell your products and services. Many of these sites are very successfull.

You may choose to add higher-end features to your site, however, to gain maximum return on your investment. The following items are features that you should know about, ask about, and have available to you when designing your site.

Yourdomain.com - If you are serious about a web presence and a professional appearance, your own domain name is crucial. We do all the footwork of obtaining your domain for you - and can determine if a specific name is available.

Email@Yourdomain.com - This may seem obvious to have your e-mail address the same as your domain name, but, not all web site creators and hosting services provide this. Sales@YourDomain.com? Info@YourDomain.com? Any E-Mail addresses you want for your domain can be established.

Information request forms - We can easily create forms on your site for information requests, order processing and more.

Custom graphics - A professional, clean appearance is critical to the first impression your customers will have of you when visiting your site. Our expertise in production graphics art will set your site apart from the blocky, slow-loading graphics seen on other sites.

Large amounts of disk space - Some web site creators and hosting companies severely limit the amount of disk (storage) space that your site can use. We have a very large inventory of disk space. Space is not a concern of our clients.

Backups and disaster recovery - You won't hear most web site creators or hosting providers discuss this. That's because they don't want to be responsible for your website after you've paid for it. We take great pride in service after the sale. Every Claremore.net customer web site is automatically backed up each day to an out of state location. This provides security, reliability and disaster recoverability in the case of the unforeseen. This solution is far better than a simple tape backup to the same location where a natural disaster or fire could completely wipe our your web presence... permanently.

Database access - Dealing with multiple products and services can sometimes be done with (what's known in the industry as) 'flat files'. If you need a higher-end solution, however, putting your products into a database-driven environment may be your answer. Claremore.net has multiple clients that we have 'database enabled' and we would be glad to discuss this option with you.

Password protected areas - There may be areas of your web site that you only wish specific people or groups of people to view. For example, you may want an 'employee only' section on your site. This can easily be accomplished by using password protected areas.

Custom programming in Flash, C, JavaScript, Java and PHP - There are many technical tasks that are performed in the background when creating a professional, reliable web presence. Claremore.net has the required knowledge and resources available when the site design requires these special skills.

Web site hosting - When your site is built and ready for viewing, you want to choose a hosting service that is reliable, responsive and one that you know has a solid, stable datacenter infrastructure. Claremore.net has many years of experience in datacenter and server design - which we put to work for you. Our connection to multiple Internet backbone interfaces is second to none, which means that your pages will load fast and reliably. Just as importantly, we are local - which means you have local support and service!

Secure Server Certificate - If you are interested in an E-Commerce solution, or just want your customers to feel secure when sending their name and phone number to you, it is a wise choice to use a secure server connection. Using a secure connection means that the information sent from your web site to you is encrypted (scrambled) while traversing the Internet - making would be information thieves look elsewhere. Claremore.net has a secure server certificate available to its clients who wish to use this valuable technology.

Shopping Cart Technology - The on-line shopping experience is made immensely easier by use of a shopping cart. We have partnered with the CartIt Corporation to provide the highest quality of shopping cart experience possible.